We are IVtography.com!

(pronounced 4-tography - get it???)

and we have our eye on you!!

  We offer a wide range of services:

  • We sell photographs from our stock (as displayed on this site)
  • We can also take photographs to order for clients (Individuals or businesses)
  • We offer a Wedding Photography package
  • We can also offer a web-building/web design/web hosting  service with domain name, photographs and copywriting included

We have a number of backdrops for studio portrait use including green screen technology (where we take your photograph in front of the screen and then using computer wizardry we can place you on a beach or on the front of a magazine or wherever you want to be!) This is a fully portable studio that we can transport to the place of your choice.

Our ultimate aim is to expand our services and open our own studio in the near future where clients can visit us and have photographs taken with their family, pets, cars, motor bikes or whatever they choose so that they get exactly the photograph they want.

We are also looking at making the studio a place that camera clubs and associations could come to and hire for a morning, afternoon, day or evening in order for members to put together portfolios of their own work etc and also we would like to be able to offer an exhibition area where we could exhibit our own work and that of our clients and local artists.

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